The One With The Ranking

There is absolutely no episode that I don’t like. So deciding which season is the best and which is worst, becomes a very hard task…. Or is it a test?! 🤷…. Oh who cares! It’s just a ranking system for this epic series, which opens minds and transcends through time. So, without anymore waiting, I present to all you fans, my personal ranking of seasons 1 through the final – With 1 being the worst (least liked) and 10 being the best.

  1. Season one: I even surprised myself by putting this as the least liked on my list, but I am glad that I am hardwired with honesty. I have always enjoyed the first season immensely, but it’s on a different level than the other seasons. There first season was a getting to know you period, as is any series, and in any kind of relationship, in my opinion, that is my least favorite period. It fulfilled its purpose and was the hook that grabbed the hearts of many and took them on the journey of a lifetime.
  2. Season eight: This is a season of great importance, but there wasn’t a lot going on with the storyline until the birth of Emma. In my opinion, I would have continued with another birth between Rachel and Ross. That would have been completely unexpected by the audience, and therefore more tasty. Just my opinion though.
  3. Season four: This season was ungenerous to us with the Emily storyline and the Joshua thing. Don’t ask me why I should even care, since so much more happened in multiple seasons proceeding. However, it redeems itself at the very end with, what I can only imagine was, the hardest cliffhanger in history to wait through in the moment.
  4. Season six: Chandler and Monica moving in together kind of carried the audience through how much the series was going forward. It was such a graceful and minimal enough change that the audience didn’t realize it until they were in it. Nice work!
  5. Season three: The season that everyone secretly hates because it made you cry (it’s ok, we know your pain). If it wasn’t for the Pete storyline, distracting us enough to make it through, we would have a hard time digesting this period in the series. It’s ok, we also still secretly want this to be the number 10, best season, ranking. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us 😉
  6. Season two: Plain and simple, this season gave us Ross and Rachel, so it is definitely an iconic period. For some reason, when I was worried because I was about to turn 35, watching Friends helped me get over that, so here I am three months in my 35th year of living and I am getting stronger every single day. Thanks to download, pause, rewind, and play, I can watch season 2 whenever I need to for the rest of my life.
  7. Season nine: More laid back than other seasons, this period brought us more laughter than we had ever imagined. This season gives more in depth and takes more emotionally, but in the most hilarious way possible!
  8. Season ten: No one wanted to see an end, and everyone would have been completely ecstatic to have had more seasons, but ending at this point, when you’re on top, was the best call in the history of best calls. It was almost poetic. It stole the world’s heart.
  9. Season seven: Chandler and Monica saying “I do” is more than enough to put this so close to the top of the list, especially when you consider that extraordinary cliffhanger. The way they leave it and that last shot before the credits, pure genius.
  10. Season five: Perfect example of why triangles are no fun but funny for us, the audience. Also another perfect example, of why hiding the truth is the hardest thing in the world. Mon and Chandler make things way more interesting and hilarious as they sneak around every one’s back to see each other. Rachel is a highlight of this season and she highlighted well. Ross has to feel a lot, but it doesn’t really bring us down that much, because this is one of the most hilarious seasons in the series.

Well thank you all, Friends fans or not. I feel happy about being able to do a post like this. Do you all think my ranking is acceptable? Feel free to chat, I am a peaceful soul and easy to talk to. I hope this has been a positive experience for you all. 😊

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